Some anime fans feel a real obsession for their favorite characters, fans like this artist who wanted to capture in a fan art what would happen if all Marvel, DC, Naruto or Dragon Ball characters had the saitama face, the protagonist hero of One Punch-Man.

As indicated by the user «johnm_07» of Reddit, his illustration is dedicated to Saitaverso, a Universe in which all the characters in anime series and movies are Saitama.

This is what other characters would be like if they had Saitama’s face

In the illustration we can see other characters such as Spider-Man, Son Goku, Vegeta, Daredevil, Naruto, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Deku, All Might and, of course, Saitama.

SaitaVerse – Just for fun ✌️😁 desde r / OnePunchMan

If you consider yourself a big fan of One Punch-Man, we recommend you take a good look at this Saitama drawn with cartoon style or this video in which Saitama faces Spider-Man, Kratos and other characters.

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