The third most popular game on Steam is called Gas Station Simulator and it is as absurd as it sounds. Your mission is to pay a debt of 5000 crushers that your uncle has lent you to open the gas station. Obviously, getting this will take your good sweats and sufferings, especially if you intend to live on tips and the common tasks in the establishment.

The experience is designed so that you enjoy —or, well, suffer— every second of your new life as a landlord or owner in the middle of the desert. However, if you want to go faster we are going to tell you several tricks to pave your way and return the money soon to your uncle.

How to make money to pay your debt in Gas Station Simulator

You have three basic methods of making money and throwing a big wad of money at your uncle to make him shut his mouth. It’s $ 5,000, but there are a lot of customers, a lot of activities to do, and – come closer – a lot of cars to loot.

  • RC Car Racing: If you finish one of these races before the timer ends, you will win $ 15. It does not rent much, but at least a few races you can try …
  • Bowling Golf: behind the warehouse you can play golf with bowling balls. If you manage to complete the game with a pair, you win $ 10 ($ 15, but it costs 5 to play)
  • Looting cars: it is the most efficient method, because there is still no penalty for tampering with the vehicles. You will take a good fortune and not even the police will stop your feet. You can loot them while they are refueling or causing a small traffic jam by moving a car into the driveway with the broom. Free round!

Essential tips to better manage your gas station

“Recycle” with your head

When cleaning the gas station, you have to take into account several notions:

  • Small trash fits in bins or in the bag that you carry with you, but everything else must go to the container, and you have to do it by hand
  • Optimize garbage collection placing it well. Stacking it from back to front will make the most of the container’s surface and won’t have to request collection as often
  • All you have left is garbage, but if you have problems with a spontaneous one, have no scruples and throw your trash at him. We talk about Dennis, who is a character who will not leave you alone, will make you paint and throw stink bombs on your property. Damn Dennis …
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Never forget to sweep

You are in a desert. There are sand. With the transfer of customers, the sand gets everywhere, of course, and therefore your interface presents a dirt meter that you must keep at bay. The form is as simple as sweeping from time to time. Make it a habit, that with so many activities sure you forget!

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Spend time with you

Look, having a gas station in the middle of the desert also has its little thing. Take the opportunity to close it from time to time to be at your own pace and get rid of customers a bit. Decorate, move the sand with the excavator, rob a car left by the hand of God … It is as simple as turning the sign at the entrance and spending some time. Of course, do not take long to reopen!