FromSoftware would be working on a new Armored Core, these are its first details

FromSoftware would be working on a new Armored Core, these are its first details

Aside from Elden Ring, which will be in stores next month, FromSoftware would be working on a new installment of the classic Armored Core series. At least that is what ensures a recent leak that also leaves the first details of this mecha action game reboot which first debuted on PlayStation.

As you can read through RedditThis return of the Armored Core series would be more of a reimagining of the series with some Dark Souls influence. «Currently, FromSoftware is sending surveys and showing participants Game images with Souls-style bosses«, He assures. “A white mecha can be seen fighting a huge robot chief with a lightsaber that looked a lot like Dark Souls.”

This leak suggests that, like the latest games from the Japanese studio, this Armored Core could have some kind of cooperative multiplayer. “You could see in another section the white mecha flying towards other mecha in a snowy area. There was a large wall door like architecture that also looked a lot like the Souls. ‘

At the moment these images have not been shared, but if any additional information about the game that highlights some outstanding characteristics, such as that it is a thuthird person shooter ego and close combat set in a new sci-fi universe created by Hidetaka Miyazaki. This universe is described as a large three-dimensional map where “you can feel the scale of the mecha universe,” so there may also be some exploration.

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At the moment, this information is far from being official, so we will have to wait to know the next steps of FromSoftware after the launch of Elden Ring, which will arrive next February 25 to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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