Epic Games waged a battle that still pays consequences!

One of the most controversial lawsuits of all time, in the world of technology, ended in a victory for Apple. Not only because the California court denied the lawsuit by Epic Games that accused Apple of monopolistic practices, nor because the Fortnite developer had to pay Apple 6 million dollars in royalties. But because those of Cupertino have been forceful in the decision of leave Fortnite out of the App Store, for the moment.

Fortnite will remain out of the App Store for now.

The news has been shared precisely by the CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, through a publication on his Twitter account. In the message, he attached a document from a law firm representing Apple that states that “Apple has exercised its discretion not to reset the Epic Developer Program account at this time.”

Apple will be relentless with Epic Games

Apple’s “for the moment” could go on indefinitely. In her verdict, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said that Apple had “the contractual right to terminate your LAP with any or all of Epic Games’ wholly owned subsidiaries”, so that you are not required to reestablish the account. Without developer access, Epic cannot publish any games or apps on the iOS App Store.

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Sweeney has rated the decision as “Another extraordinary anti-competitive move by Apple, demonstrating its power to reshape markets and pick winners and losers”. He also shared an email to Phil Schiller in which he “promises that he will adhere to Apple guidelines whenever and wherever we launch products on Apple platforms.” It also required Apple to “include buttons and allow external links that direct customers to other purchasing mechanisms without onerous terms or impediments to a good user experience.”

The legal battle between the two companies began in August 2020, when Epic added an external payment link for Fortnite users in the Apple Store. His conduct earned him expulsion from the app store, lawsuits, and other well-known events. For Apple, shut out one of the most profitable video games of all timeIt is not an easy decision either, but it is more important to make it clear that no matter who it is, they must comply with Apple’s rules

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