Former developers of The Last of Us and Days Gone have announced an open world game with NFT

Former developers of The Last of Us and Days Gone have announced an open world game with NFT


Despite the fact that many claimed that it was the future of video games and entertainment and that it was not a scam, it has been seen that the NFT bubble has deflated at a dizzying speed, to the point that in the end those who have managed to get rich with these are the ones who arrived first.

For all that has been said, despite the fact that in video games it has not reached adults, that does not mean that there are studies that have been able to do NFT-based gamesthis being the case of Liithos.

A study of NFTs that comes just as the bubble has burst

Joel and Ellie are the great protagonists of The Last of Us Part 1

According to what has been known, this study has been formed by Michael Mumbaer and John Garvin, who have been known developers of The Last of Us and Days Gone respectively, being so the focus of the studio is to allow players to participate in the cryptocurrency marketleading to the development of Ashfall, a game that will be treated as the first triple AAA for PC and consoles to incorporate cryptographic elements.

At the moment there are few details that can be pointed out regarding the game beyond that Ashfall is set in a dystopian world which has been destroyed by the weather, which comes in handy with the topic at hand if we take into account what cryptocurrencies pollute, so the game will be very real in that sense.

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Having said all of the above, We do not know release dates or platforms to which it will arrive, so it will still take a while for us to learn more about Ashfall. For the rest, it should be noted with all this that while Mumbaer and Garvin are dedicated to this controversial topic, their original studies are found with the development of The Last of Us Part 1 and with a new multiplayer title respectively.

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