If a couple of weeks ago we told you the trends that are not in the kitchen, it is the turn of the no trends in bathrooms.

The normal thing in this space is that we tell you the trends that are or will be and that we look for inspiration in the best projects from which to learn and get good “deco” ideas. But in the same way that it helps us to know what is worn, we must take into account what is not worn so as not to fall into that decorative error or avoid a trend that is about to not be.

This time we focus on the bathrooms, one of the rooms that must be taken care of more because it says a lot about the state of a house and whose state can help us to start on foot every day.

These are the five trends that are no longer, or the five things that are best not to do to your bathroom.

1. No to loud colors

Here we have to talk about confinement and its effects. One of them is the search for the spa bath or bathroom as a relaxation space in which the textures and natural finishes rule. The search for the zen state seems incompatible with vibrant or strident colors. Not even the kids in the bathroom.

If it is that of children, it will be better if the color is included through the textiles or even through the joints of the tiles. If they get tired later, they can always go back to black or white.

Concept Space Project Images By Hector Santos Diez

Image by Héctor Santos- Diez

In this project by Espacio Concept, the children’s bathroom has been used green on the ceiling and on the joints.

2.- The porcelain finish in the showers

The relaxation space are the bathtubs and showers. And even if you like that the showers are not flush with the floor, the shower tray must be work (Made of the same material as the rest of the floor or mineral load. That is, with a rough, comfortable and resistant finish. Or what is the same, we say no to ceramic shower trays. Although they are cheaper they will make the bathroom bathroom look outdated.

bathroom trends

Mineral load shower tray. Image by Eric Pamies for Pía Capdevila’s project

3.- The vinyls on the screens

The acid vinyls to hide certain areas or even worse, with decorative drawings are very 2010 so they are not valid in 2021. The screens will be transparent and the latest trends They say smoked glass or glass with reliefs but never with vinyls.

Design in the bathroom;  five trends in shower screens to get a bathroom with a lot of style


A model of stone vinyl partition from Profiltek from 2014

4.- The cascading taps

This is one of those trends that we don’t know if it ever was. The fact is that in 2012 they had a pass. Now the waterfall appears to be an excessive waste of water (I mean, not very sustainable), not to mention how pretentious they always were. Even in 2012.

image did not tend

Image of the non-trend, from an article of ours from 2012 in which we included it as a trend

We remind you of the trends that are. The better straight taps and if they are black better.

5.- The bathroom accessories only for the bathrooms.

I explain. Don’t buy your bathroom mirror from a bathroom-only store because it will have no profile and will be nondescript. The mirror wall does not have to be bathroom either. You can choose stylish wall lights (classic, industrial, natural …) that accompany the style of the rest of the bathroom. You can even replace it with pendant lamps.

And of course the pictures for the bathroom will not have motifs of baths and bubbles. The bathroom is a good place to include paintings with personality and rugs on the floor (not bath mats).

Ldl1366 2000 1

Image by Lidl

Cover image Duscholux

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