Ankle boots are the ideal footwear for a transition from summer to fall without stylistic dramas, They allow us to give a more suitable use for the halftime to summer garments and also, they are a way of giving personality to any look without complications.

If a few days ago we were talking about different styles of ankle boots with heels, which include those of style Cowboy as one of the most recurring each season, today we We descend from the heights to focus on the flat-heeled ones, with the track sole as the true protagonist of autumn and of this compilation (although we also include some exceptions).


The first of the options are these mid-calf Chelsea boots with a black track sole from Scoth & Soda, a proposal in black leather that has a fabric loop as the only touch of color to be able to put it on easily.

The cane style of this type of ankle boots is not at odds with more classic garments such as a raincoat or as a blazer. We can find them on Amazon from 73.77 euros (taking into account that the price may vary depending on the size we choose).

SCOTCH & SODA FOOTWEAR Aubri, Women's Chelsea Boots

SCOTCH & SODA FOOTWEAR Aubri, Women’s Chelsea Boots


With laces and a military-style silhouette, we have these synthetic leather boots (ideal for vegans) in black or brown that are undoubtedly an investment in wardrobe. A versatile and timeless style with decorative seams, which we can use to soften a romantic dress or to wear with our favorite jeans, few clothes can resist.

We find them on Amazon (they are part of its Essentials collection) from only 24.62 euros, depending on the size and color we choose.

Amazon Essentials Women's Lace-Up Combat Boots

Amazon Essentials Women’s Lace-Up Combat Boots


More daring are these military-style Bugatti, with lace closure and purse included (in the style of Prada); A cream-colored design, with a camel rubber sole to create a contrast not suitable for the shy, reminiscent of the classic style but with a more cane twist if that was possible.

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The ankle boots have a medium shaft height and are made of synthetic leather, in addition, we can also find them on Amazon in black (a simpler option) from 55.94 euros, depending on the size and color you choose.

bugatti 4315493j5000, Women's Military and Tactical Boot

bugatti 4315493j5000, Women’s Military and Tactical Boot


The Chelsea are always a safe bet, for them time does not pass and if it also turns out that they are black and with cowboy inspiration like these signed by Find, with more reason.

In addition, it is a design made of leather so the time factor is not a problem, surely well cared for, they will hold up like new for several seasons. We find them on Amazon in up to four different shades to choose from from 30.50 euros (the price varies depending on the color and size we choose).

Amazon Brand - find.  Women Chelsea Boots

Amazon Brand – find. Women Chelsea Boots

Ankle boots5

Finally, the most original option of all, these Lemon Jelly Frankie mid-cut ankle boots that have it all: a Chelsea-style design, track sole, studs and tapes with the logo decorating the entire silhouette, practically all the trends in this type of shoe. footwear of the season.

We find them for sale on Amazon and are made of synthetic leather in various colors to choose from from 124 euros (as always in these cases, the price varies depending on the size and tone that we choose).

Lemon Jelly Frankie, Women's Chelsea Boots

Lemon Jelly Frankie, Women’s Chelsea Boots

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