A Korean media has managed to hunt down a development prototype of the future KIA Telluride 2023, the first mid-life update that the large Korean SUV will undergo, one of the most important models of the brand in markets such as North America and that will receive slight aesthetic changes that can already be seen in these first images.

As if it were the presentation of a new model, the guys from Woopa.TV show us in their latest video the first sighted development prototype of the future KIA Telluride 2023. A totally camouflaged specimen that has been hunted overnight, more than likely during the break of the Korean firm’s test team.

That the prototype is completely camouflaged has not prevented these intrepid reporters from approaching the specimen and record an extensive video describing each new product in great detail that they appreciate in the main unit of the video, so its visual result is practically identical to that of a presentation or test, such as the many videos that you can find in our channel of Youtube.

The optics will have slight changes.

The KIA Telluride was presented in 2019 and so far it has been a real bombshell for the Korean firm, especially in the North American market, where this type of full-size models enjoy great acceptance despite its high price. Which evidently assumes that the Telluride is quite a money-making machine for KIA’s North American division.

Those responsible for the corporation are fully aware of the maxim that says that what works should not be changed and therefore this update will only have minimal changes, enough to refresh the image and the offer of the model but without altering its basic design too much. Characteristics that are already appreciated in this camouflaged prototype.

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Although we cannot be sure what is hidden under these heavy black canvases, the optics they already show new internal graphics both front and back, but without actually changing the exterior shape and size of the light clusters. Slight changes to the chrome front grille and bumpers will also be expected, as well as the addition of new equipment and an update to the various interior multimedia systems.

KIA Telluride facelif prototype.