Financial advisor explains why you should not trust just anyone to invest

Financial advisor explains why you should not trust just anyone to invest

Ever have you thought about investing or have you looked for a financial advisor to manage your investments? Well, according to experts, this should be the ideal, however, this is not always the case.

Some users of social networks have chosen to use their accounts to search for information from social networks, however, the information we obtain from these means is not always reliable.

For this reason, a tiktoker who assumes himself as a financial advisor has shared a video where he explains the importance of be responsible with the information obtained from social networks around the investments.

The social network of TikTok It has become one of the favorites of users to share information, due to the ease with which its content can go viral and because of the short video format through which it operates.

Financial advisor explains why you should not trust just anyone to invest

A content creator known as Sergio Bridge He is dedicated to sharing financial tips on his TikTok account and has achieved quite a bit of acceptance on the Chinese social network.

However, she shared a video of another content creator where she criticizes what she has pointed out in her video. The tiktoker in question is Paulina Anguianowho is also dedicated to sharing secrets to cover your expenses and enjoy financial peace of mind.

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In the video, the adviser is shown advising users what they should do “if they have 10 thousand pesos.” In it she recommends opening an account with a broker, either GBM, KuspitTD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers. This fact in principle is something with which Sergio Puente agrees, however, in the following point he is alarmed by the statements of Paulina Anguiano: Invest from one thousand to two thousand pesos in any of the actions or OTFs that I am leaving you here“.

At that point, the user begins to point to the content creator because, according to what he points out, it is not enough information to consider it as financial advice.

At the same time, he questioned his knowledge and declared that, for him, this type of advice on TikTok is irresponsible, since changes in society such as “a war in Russia” can cause investments to change from one day to the next.

This is the video shared by the user’s account:

@spuentecoach Example of BAD financial advice @thefinancialdetox #personalfinance #investments #saving #financialcoach #learntiktok ♬ original sound – Sergio Puente

After posting this video, the content creator commented on her video noting the following:

“I have knowledge that supports me, compadre! I worked a year and a half in banking!”

For their part, TikTok users were divided, because while some pointed out showing support for the investor, others considered that Sergio had done a good job denouncing this “lack of commitment” with the information.

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