Final Fantasy XIV Online: The new update patch includes a new chapter and support for playing solo

Final Fantasy XIV Online: The new update patch includes a new chapter and support for playing solo

The new Final Fantasy XIV update patch brings us a new chapter and support for solo play. All the info in this note!

Final Fantasy XIVOnline announced the arrival of its new update patch, which includes a new chapter and what all its users have been waiting for: support for playing individually. This is the patch 6.1 that it’s called Newfound Adventure and it arrives after the release of Endwalkerthe name given to the game.

The latest patch begins a new story for Warrior of Light while adding more content, as well as improvements and support for an individual experience. These changes include adjustments to duties of the low-level main story, as well as the implementation of a new Duty Support Systemwhich provides players with the ability to complete the main dungeons and trials up to four players from A Ream Reborn with a team of NPCs.

Patch 6.1 also brings a wide variety of new content for players to enjoy in these new adventures. This content includes new main story quests, RPG quests, dungeons, content PvP called Crystalline Conflict and a residential area called Empyreum, among other.

On the other hand, we have the seasonal event called Hatching-tide. This starts the April 13 and ends April 27 and we have new in-game quests and exclusive rewards for participating players. Players who are part of Hatching-tide can find Jihli Aliapoh, who jumps with excitement to talk about the miracle at this year’s event. Anyone who manages to complete this year’s quest will get the in-game items, including the Minion Hatching Bunnythe emote of Eat Egg, the Eggs Emplay Basket and interior decoration Hatching-tide.

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And finally, Square Enix announced its collaboration with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Together with the instrument company, they will design a collaboration premium themed with Final Fantasy XIV. The collaboration includes an original design of final fantasy XIV for the guitar Strat with rhinestone accents, custom branding, and vintage-style case with logo Final Fantasy XIV.

The second collaboration includes an original guitar pick design that will be available in a pack of five picks, each representing one of the game’s expansions. Currently, the Strat can be purchased only at selected stores EMEA and arrives at USA in May 2022. Its availability is not yet known. Argentina. As for the picks, they will arrive at the same time as the guitar.