Fernando Gonzales new CEO of Alsea

Fernando Gonzales new CEO of Alsea

Alsea is the leading operator of restaurants, fast food establishments and cafeterias in Latin America and Europe, having participation in Mexico with brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Burger King, Chili’s, PF among others, thus being one of the most important companies, which provide hundreds of jobs and various food options for Mexicans, within its growth of operations, it is now that it is announced that Fernando Gonzales will formally assume the general direction of Alsea as of the month of January of this year.

As announced through an official statement by the company, this integration was provided at the end of the integration of the previously announced cultural and operational immersion process, so it is time that Fernando formally takes possession of Alsea’s General Management at a global level from January 2022.

Likewise, it was announced that Alberto Torrado will continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and adds: “I am totally convinced that Fernando’s experience, his global business vision and solid perspective of technological innovation will contribute substantially to the sustainable growth of Alsea. He shares our philosophy, which will allow us to continue building a solid future for the company and contribute to the development of the countries where we operate”. Inside the statement.

On the other hand, Fernando before his integration as the new Global General Director of Alsea declares: “It is a pride to belong to Alsea, a leading company in the sector, forming part of a team fully committed to delivering happiness and experiences full of flavor. I am committed to taking Alsea to its next chapter of development with the aim of continuing with the good results and increasing success for the company”.

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Fernando assumes the Global Management of Alsea after more than 30 years of professional experience in the retail industry, among which 13 of them stand out, as General Manager, in addition to his remarkable career taking responsibility for different positions of international importance, thanks to his training in Economics and Business Administration at the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Master’s degree in Financial Auditing at the National Distance Education University of Spain.

It is estimated that Alsea in Mexico generates just over 63,819 jobs directly, being mostly a source of employment for young people and students, who work and study simultaneously thanks to the ease that they sometimes present in terms of schedules and opportunities. of growth, it should be noted that it has been made known through social networks that this company benefits and insists on professional and job growth, allowing young people to obtain growth within their multiple companies as a performance within student development.

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