Fernando Alonso: the Aeroscreen extinguishes the dream of the Triple Crown

Fernando Alonso: the Aeroscreen extinguishes the dream of the Triple Crown

His debut in the 2017 Indianapolis 500 ignited the fuse of a dream that only Graham Hill has achieved: the Triple Crown of motorsports. However, later experiences have extinguished Fernando Alonso’s passion.

When Fernando Alonso debuted in Indianapolis in 2017, did so with an ideal team and car to enjoy this iconic race. However, the subsequent experience with McLaren and the new generation of single-seaters has been quite disappointing for the Spanish driver, who now admits that he does not have much intention of returning to the legendary brickyard.

The new IndyCar single-seaters were even supposed to improve overtaking possibilities on the track, but the addition of the aero screenthe protective screen located in the cockpit, in 2020 has ended up causing the opposite.

“The last two attempts at Indy with the aero screen (Aeroscreen) made me feel the car a little differently”

Not only that, but in Indianapolis the last editions of the 500 Miles have been held with more heat than usual, negatively damaging the show. These arguments, together with the danger inherent in any Superspeedway-type oval, have led to the desire to Fernando Alonso to get the Triple Crown of motorsport (Monaco GP, Le Mans and Indy 500) has faded.

Stay in Formula 1

For this reason, Fernando Alonso is clear that he will continue in Formula 1 for at least two or three more years, since at this moment it is where he feels most comfortable. And, although he continues to think about other categories when his second stage in the premier class ends, the 500 Miles are no longer his priority.

«I have always gone to Indy for sensations, in 2016 I did not see other challenges outside of Formula 1 and in 2018 I did have them in my head, and I decided to take a few years off. Then, I had the feeling that with the new regulations it might make sense to go back to F1 and try to do well, “explains Fernando Alonso

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Fernando Alonso has no plans to forget about Formula 1, at least for the moment. Photo: Alpine F1 Team.

“I don’t program long-term, I go for feelings, and now the feeling is to continue a few more years in F1. The Dakar, for example, yes I would like to repeat it. You can do it when you are older, like Carlos Sainz and other riders who are always on top. We’ll see, to this day I don’t know », he reflects.

«Now I would say that I would not do the 500 Miles in the future, but maybe in two years I will change my mind. It’s less objective now, I have to say.”he admits, despite falling in love with Indianapolis in his debut season.

“The last two attempts at Indy with the Aeroscreen made me feel the car a bit differently, and talking to some of the guys, cars are definitely harder to drive and harder to follow each other. Therefore, it is less fun. In 2017, there was a lot of overtaking and I loved that race. There was a little less love in recent years.

“And there is the danger factor. At the Indy 500, there are a couple of big crashes every year.. Now I am completely focused on F1. And when I leave her, I don’t know if I’ll be tempted to try again. It is not a complete no, but I would say that it is a minor project, “concludes the Spanish pilot.

Will Fernando Alonso change his mind in the future?

Source: BBC | Ace