Fans want live-action Cowboy Bebop back

Fans want live-action Cowboy Bebop back

Speaking about live-action, there have been many bad experiences that have come to the screen, having bad experiences as was the case with Dragon Ball: Evolution Y Death note.

With those references, it’s no wonder that live-action anime and manga adaptations have a lousy reputation. It is for that reason that the fans raised the cry to the sky when Netflix announced that he was working on a series of Cowboy bebop.

But the result was contrary to expectations, now that the show has already debuted, a sector of the community wants to see a second season.

And it is that, it sounds confusing, more knowing that the live-action show of Cowboy bebop It did not meet expectations, it was not a catastrophe, but it is undeniable that it failed to capture the magic that makes the original anime great and some changes in the story were not to the liking of the fans.

That was reflected in the bad reviews and their poor audience retention, which caused Netflix decided to cancel all plans for a second season.

But despite the general discontent of the fans and the audience, there is a section of thousands of people who enjoyed the show, and even demand that Netflix Rethink your decision, which is why they are organizing to collect signatures on a campaign.

Through this request, which was created 2 weeks ago by the user Ryan proffer And, since then, it has already managed to attract the attention of the community.

So much so that until now 114,382 people signed, expressing their support for the cause and signed the application in hopes that Netflix will revive the anime-based series.

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“For people who want a second season (or more) of live-action Cowboy Bebop. It wasn’t a direct copy of the anime, but the world they put together was incredible and deserves a second season. “, is what can be read in the description of the request.

There are even several people who accompanied their signatures with messages and comments that defended the series of Cowboy bebop and praised the actors for the effort they put into bringing the anime characters to life.

Contrary to this, there are those who consider that Netflix It should give him a second season that allows him to conclude with the story. If you want to join the cause, you can sign in this link.