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Fans say that Anya has an older brother

Fans say that Anya has an older brother

Spring is at its best, and along with a new anime season, a title has arrived that from day one managed to be among the favorites, that’s right, we’re talking about Spy x Familyan anime with an interesting plot and a story that is taking a pleasant shape, which already has a large number of followers, despite having only been released for a week.

So you may not be thinking much about jujutsu kaisen right now, since the anime series is not airing right now, but that doesn’t stop fans from keeping it in mind and with this, a few crazy and funny theories come out about a possible and great relationship between the two.

Since both anime series have a large fandom, some of the most curious fans have been thinking about how likely it would be that Anyathe little girl adopted by the Forge in Spy x Familywas the little sister of yujione of the protagonists of jujutsu kaisenand when a couple of users threw a spark on the subject a couple of days ago, the flames have already filled all of twitter and social networks, with fan art images that unite them as brothers and more theories about this possible and great relationship.

All this mixture, brought to life online thanks to the power of fan art, where a fan of Spy x Familyafter watching the second episode he looked at Anya Forgerand made the audience swoon, because the adorable little telepath has won the hearts of fans, and thanks to her pink hair, fans are convinced that she must be the little sister of yuji.

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And if we join the fantasy network, yuji you can have your own big brother in jujutsu kaisenbut there is no one in the series Akutami that can equal AnyaThe girl is not only crazy adorable, but her inner strength is something to be admired, because in addition to her pink hair, she shares this tenacity with yujiof course, and fans are dying for shows to hit Anya an actual crossover with his fandom-approved brother, so maybe Loid Y Yorthey could be kind and receive for a few days yuji.