The series of Macross It is one of the most important anime in Japan. Created in 1982 by Studio Nue, this universe of highlights continues to this day. With almost 40 years of history, there are millions of fans around the world who want to honor this franchise. One of these is a French director, known as Jonathan Cordier de Mello, who needs our help to create a documentary focused on Macross.

Jonathan Cordier de Mello started a fundraising campaign on the Kisskissbankbank site. Here he seeks to obtain a sum of € 15 thousand euros to create DO YOU REMEMBER MACROSS?, a documentary focused on the history and legacy of Macross. Although currently this goal has already been reached, you need € 10,000 more to deliver us a version dubbed in English. Unfortunately, the campaign will end in just seven days, so this goal may not come true. This is the description of the project:

“The film will go back to the birth of Studio Nue in the early 1970s, to the productions of the first Macross series (1982-1983) and the film Do You Remember Love? (1984). Finally, I will discuss its American adaptation, Robotech (1985), produced by Harmony Gold. DO YOU REMEMBER MACROSS? You will explore many multi-archive interviews, as well as hundreds of images, drawings and photographs, digitized in high resolution and mostly unpublished outside of Japan. Once completed, it will be available for free on Vimeo, in a French version (and English depending on the level achieved) with optional English subtitles ”.

If you are interested in supporting this project, you can donate money here. The Macross series currently features several movies, series, reimagines, manga, spin-offs, and different types of adaptations. It will be interesting to see what Jonathan Cordier de Mello’s perspective is on this anime.

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Via: Anime News Network

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Fan is working on a Macross documentary

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