Everything we need to know before buying |

Everything we need to know before buying |

The rise of iPhone 11 It has been quite an event for the family of Manzanaand shows significant improvements over its predecessor, the iPhone XR. It incorporates the A13 bionic processor, which is 20 percent faster and uses 30 percent less battery.

This represents a great technological triumph over performance and power. Manzana offers us a new intelligent system that chooses, highlights and corrects photos and videos. In addition, the sound quality, screen and resistance of its materials make it a great phone.

In this note, we detail the most striking features of the iPhone 11 for those who are thinking of buying it.

iPhone 11: Everything we need to know before buying

Quality of photography and videos

East iPhone 11 It has two new cameras: one wide angle and another “ultra wide angle” that is capable of capturing 120 degrees around the core of the image. This gives depth and a very professional effect to our photos.

The night mode surprises by enhancing the colors and lighting automatically. Also, in this iPhone The front camera has been improved and 4K 60fps video can be recorded.

screen and sound

The iPhone 11 128 GB has a 6.1-inch capacitive multi-touch screen. It is LCD with IPS technology, and has a resolution of 1792 X 828 pixels. The novelty is that its glass is more resistant because it has been reinforced through a new chemical process.

On these brand new phones iPhone the sound of the speakers has been noticeably improved. Even outdoors, it delivers powerful, balanced stereo sound that sets it apart from other phones.

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Many colors and models to choose from

Manzana has launched a iPhone 11 more affordable price than its immediate predecessor. The price of iPhone it always depends on the model, which can be the 128GB, the Pro Max 64GB and the Pro 512GB.

The iPhone 11 Available colors in the market are black, red, yellow, white and purple. If we have doubts about the color, we can go to a store iPhone Mexico and choose our favourite.

A waterproof iPhone

East iPhone It offers the advantage of being able to be submerged up to 2 meters under water for half an hour. If that time is exceeded, we run the risk of the screen, speakers, battery or microphone breaking down.

To be one of the most affordable phones in price iPhoneit is very positive that it offers this security so highly valued by users.

How much does the iPhone 11 cost?

As we already mentioned, the price will depend on the model and the store where we buy the device. In the family of iPhone 11the iPhone 11 128GB price is more affordable than the iPhone 11 ProMax. And it costs more than half less than a iPhone 11Pro 512GB.

It is a good idea to compare the price iPhone 11 in different stores, and take advantage of the promotions and offers offered on special days.

We will find all these advantages if we decide to buy any of the models of iPhone 11.