Ever Forward Review: Always Forward, Whatever It Takes

Ever Forward Review: Always Forward, Whatever It Takes

Ever Forward is a development by Pathea Games, an Indie studio with already some video games under its belt. With extremely marked characteristics of a game full of Puzzles, our beloved protagonist makes her appearance on PS4 on December 7 of last year.

The history, boy, it never lie

For those who have been reading me for a long time, you know that everything begins and ends in history. You can have mechanics and graphics that leave something to be desired, but almost everything can be saved if there is a good development of the script (or at least for players like me).

This installment tells the story of Maya, a little girl with a translucent aspiration to recover her memories. For this, our tender protagonist must expose herself to different tests, and thus, unravel her story. What you don’t know is that not every story ends like a fairy tale.

Puzzles everywhere

Our adventure is narrated between two universes. One happens in the memories of Maya, where we seem to find ourselves in a futuristic world, distant and to a certain point of complete isolation. On the opposite side, our tangible world is completely opposite, vibrant, fanciful and peaceful, Maya will advance in history in a place far from everything earthly and where she will find fragments of her memories, but not before exposing herself to a series of riddles.

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After each puzzle, Maya will recover one of her memories and will take us a little deeper into her daily life and her absent and industrious mother, who apparently plays an important role for the world.

A universe taken from the hands of Porter Robinson

It was indisputable for me to think about this that I state in the title. At least in my opinion, the graphics, sounds and designs lead me to Shelter by Porter Robinson, where we find a girl in the middle of two different worlds, and her eagerness to know the truth.

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Throughout history we observe a marked contrast in both worlds. That feeling brought from Eden itself, where everything is perfect, calm and stripped. To later delve into our memories, with gloomy, metallic and hard-lined tints.

On the other hand, its sound section is extremely silent. Tender musicalizations and with a color beyond melancholic, as if after each step we left behind a part of Maya, to delve into the hard and complex of her reality.

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