Epic Games Unveils Fortnite Zero Build, No Build Mode

Epic Games Unveils Fortnite Zero Build, No Build Mode

Last week Epic Games started the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and with it constructions were disabled, giving way to a new pitched battle style focused on maneuvers and mobility. Today Epic Games confirmed that the new mode is called Fortnite Zero Construction or Zero Build, and it seems that it is here to stay.

While the build mode is yet to return as the main Fortnite mode, the non-build mode finally has its own category, which could indicate that it will continue to be available in the catalog of game modes offered by Epic Games. Fortnite Zero Build offers Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squad modes.

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Epic Games published a video showing the gameplay of the Fortnite Zero Build and gave a couple of additional details via its official site, but the announcement coincides with last week’s HYPEX leak, which said that no-build mode would be permanently staying in the catalog.

The Fortnite Zero Build mode is here to stay in Battle Royale.

One of the novelties of Fortnite’s Zero Construction mode is the Overshield, a protective shield that automatically recharges when you’re in combat and increases your chances of surviving a firefight. It is now possible to sprint and climb ledges, making the game more mobile. Vehicles are now more useful thanks to the new equippable grill, plus we can use a tank for the first time.

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Fortnite’s no-build mode has provided some really fun experiences that would never have happened in normal mode, so we hope that Fortnite Zero Build will remain in the catalog of game modes permanently. However, Epic Games would have to balance the importance it gives to this mode and the mode with construction, but it is not yet known when the classic mode will return.

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