Electronic Arts raises the controversy in social networks

Electronic Arts raises the controversy in social networks

Social networks often become a double-edged sword for both common users and large companies. There are examples of all kinds, where the famous newspaper library can end up affecting even when applying for a job, after a succession of unfortunate publications.

Precisely, speaking of unfortunate publications, in the last hours there has been one that has been highly commented on by video game users, and that is that Electronic Arts raises the controversy by a tweet in which he has “underestimated” players who only play single player titles.

Electronic Arts raises the controversy in social networks

As we can see, the tweet posted by the official Electronic Arts account say what “They could be a 10, but they only play single-player games”. Before this publication, the reactions of the people have not been long in coming, with a barrage of users who have criticized the company’s words, even using images of the notes of their multiplayer games to try to subtract these words.

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In fact, Not only have the users been the ones who have spoken about this controversysince some personalities of the industry, such as Vince Zampellalet us remember that he is a member of the company itself, has commented on the publication with an emoji raising his hands to his head.

Therefore, it seems clear that the publication has not gone exactly as the company’s CM could have expected. And you, What do you think of this controversy of Electronic Arts? We read you in the comments.

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