E3 2022 could have been canceled entirely

E3 2022 could have been canceled entirely

According to Jeff Grubb, a contributor to VentureBeat, E3 2022 may not even celebrate its digital edition.

Of course, E3 has been one of the great events affected by the pandemic since 2020, having to cancel its edition that year and celebrate a digital edition in 2021. Well, not long ago the most important video game fair was once again news, since the ESA confirmed that, due to the concern raised by the omicron variant of the coronavirus, the 2022 E3 edition was not going to be face-to-face. Therefore, we all hope that E3 2022 will be held digitally, like last year.

However, New rumors have emerged that suggest that we would not even have a digital edition of E3 in this newly released year 2022. This new rumor comes from the words mentioned by VentureBeat contributor Jeff Grubb in a video he uploaded to his TikTok and later on, to his YouTube channel. What the renowned journalist said was the following: “E3 has been canceled (referring to this year’s edition). Well, has been canceled in person, but the digital event will probably also be canceled“.

According to Jeff Grubb, E3 2022 could have canceled its digital event too

Really, being honest, these words have no more truth than what each one wants to give them, but what is true is that the ESA does not usually show special enthusiasm for fully digital events. Furthermore, after last year’s edition, it was said that they intended to hold a hybrid event between face-to-face and digital. So, the cancellation of the face-to-face format of E3 2022 may have disrupted the company’s plans with the event for next summer more than necessary. What’s more, the claim that the digital edition would also not take place was mentioned above, when non-attendance was confirmed, by other important names in the sector as Jason Schreier.

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Given all this, what has been said, the only thing that is confirmed is the cancellation of the face-to-face format of E3 2022, since, as we have said before, they want to avoid the possible spread of omicron among attendees and exhibitors. In the statement they published to confirm the aforementioned cancellation, it can also be read that they continue “excited about the future of E3“, who are”excited about the possibility of an online event“and what are you waiting for”give more details soonTherefore, it only remains to wait for ESA itself to confirm one thing or the other at some point, something for which we will surely have to wait a long time yet.

On the other hand, it seems that Geoff Keighley will return this summer with his Summer Game Fest event, as expected.

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