downloading videos from the internet is as easy as drag and drop

downloading videos from the internet is as easy as drag and drop

The number of sites where we can watch videos on an infinite number of topics is increasing. We all know YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and other big players, but to this we must add several social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… and still there are still small websites that also host interesting content. Content that, at some point, we may need to download.

First of all, let us remember that in the videos on the net you have to be very careful with copyright. Downloading videos is not synonymous with piracy, we may need to download a video that we posted on YouTube, one from our own tweet or simply royalty-free content that is hosted on platforms that make downloads difficult. It is only with these uses in mind that from Applesfera we analyze Downie 4, an app that allows us to download videos from the internet in the easiest way.

Interface? What interface?

Downie 4 for Mac is, in appearance, a really very, very simple app. Its interface is reduced to a window in which we can drag URLs and from which we can see the download process of the videos that we have added. Starting a video download is as simple as dragging a URL directly onto the application icon. Alternatively, we can copy the URL and touch the + button at the bottom left of the app or use the Safari extension with which, with a single touch, we will indicate to the app that we want to download the content.

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By default the download starts automatically and always choosing the highest quality that the video offers. Interesting here is the setting that allows us to force the download only in mp4 format. With this option we can instruct the app to ignore any format other than mp4 and download only these.

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Thousands of sites, 4K YouTube support and subtitle download

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Beyond ease of use, which is very important in an app like this, another fundamental feature is knowing from which websites we can download videos with this tool. The list is of more than 1000 sites, increasing progressively, and is headed by platforms such as YouTube, You, Bilibili, Vimeo, Twitch and more.

In the case of YouTube, we must highlight the possibility to download videos in 4K format, something that few applications offer for the video platform owned by Google. Something that, by the way, does not seem to offer any online video download service.

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The app also us allows you to download the subtitles of the videos, as long as they are available. This is something that we can configure in the app for each of the supported download sites, which allows us to speed up downloads and use the configuration that suits us best.

Permute, analysis: converting audio and video on our Mac is as easy as dragging and dropping

Overall Downie 4 is configured as a benchmark when it comes to downloading videos from the net. An extremely simple app in appearance that hides great complexity so that we can download videos from more than 1000 sites with the touch of a button.

We can download the app from the website of the developer, Charlie Monroe, who has also created the well-known Permute. The license costs $ 18.99 and the app is also available on Setapp.