Regardless of what you think about Disney +There is no doubt that the service has offered a ton of original content since its debut a few years ago. And it is that with franchises like Marvel and Star Wars under his name, there are many, many things that they can do both in film and on television. Now, the mouse company announced that they will be increasing their budget for content creation in 2022.

The Walt Disney Company confirmed that by 2022 they will allocate up to $ 33 billion dollars in content, which represents an increase of $ 8 billion dollars compared to 2021, where they spent $ 25 MMDD. Although much of this money will surely be spent on film productions, there are also other expenses that Disney should consider.

For instance, Disney you must also pay for the broadcasting rights for the NFL, NHL, NBA, and NCAA, sports that we can find within the catalog of ESPN +, which can also be obtained in bundle with Disney +. In fact, it is mentioned that of the $ 25 million that Disney They invested this year, half went to them in these licenses and rights, so it is possible that the budget of the following year also has a similar destiny.

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Editor’s note: Disney is definitely not wasting time when it comes to producing original content. The mouse company had a 2021 packed with exclusive shows and movies from their streaming service, and they clearly won’t want to slow down for next year. In any case, we may even see many more things in less time.

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Disney to raise its content budget by 2022

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