Disney and Lucasfilm today released “Bring Home the Bounty” or “Bring Home the Bounty”, a global campaign of products, games and publications for fans and consumers of the new products Star Wars, to be revealed every week from now until December 28.

“Bring Home The Bounty” weekly global show will feature new toys, clothing, game content, books, comics and more, celebrating everything from the saga Skywalker up Boba Fett’s book, which will air December 29 on Disney +. And you can already pre-order.

The 12-week program will also feature retailers from around the world in every Tuesday reveal., to help fans complete their holiday wish lists.

With Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary coming to an end this yearWe wanted to find a way to celebrate all of our beloved characters and stories, from classic to new and everything in between, “said Paul Southern, senior vice president of franchising and licensing, Lucasfilm.

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New products and consumer content, games and publications, including articles from Hasbro, The LEGO Group, Funko, Mattel and many more, will be revealed every Tuesday and orders start on Wednesdays. The products also You can find them with the world’s leading retailers, including shopDisney, but not all together.

Disney and Lucasfilm Announce 'Bring Home the Bounty' Pre-Order Now!

To further engage fans, will be able to participate in the Star Wars Spot the Sandcrawler Giveaway, on the Disney Products Instagram page, for a chance to win prize packages of Star Wars at shopDisney.com. You can check the official rules to participate in StarWarsSpotTheSandcrawlerSweepstakes.com, at this link.

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According to the schedule, In the week of December 14, you see a video game control in the ad, which indicates some surprise. But it is unclear if it will be a new reveal or an update of a project of Star wars already known.

Disney and Lucasfilm Announce 'Bring Home the Bounty' Pre-Order Now!

It should be noted that, only in this year, Lucasfilm has announced a remake of Knights of the Old Republic, through a partnership with Aspyr, as well as Star Wars: Hunters, a new multiplayer combat game, created in collaboration with Zynga. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is also yet to come, as it was delayed until early 2022.