Developer shares a photo of the new virtual reality device for PS5

Developer shares a photo of the new virtual reality device for PS5

The PlayStation 5 gaming community is getting into Sony’s next-generation console, along with all its power-ups like its DualSense controller, but some gamers are still impatient for the arrival of a new virtual reality device for PS5.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that Sony continues to work at the hardware level to offer new products and we have the new headphones and the INZONE monitor in our sights. However, while these experiences are headed to PC, on PS5 we are waiting for PSVR2 to finally arrive.

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A new leap in virtual reality for the Sony console that we still don’t fully know officially, but of which we already have an image. The Bit Planet Games studio based in Austin, Texas and the Philippines, has shared an image of the device in its entirety, with the headset included.

As we can read on the Reddit forums, the first real image of PSVR 2 glasses would have been recently shared on Twitter by a development studio called Bit Planet Games that would be working on a game for the device. This is the first time the device has been shown in real life.

As expected, the post was deleted a few minutes later, but it was online long enough for some users to keep it safe. It is not the most elegant photo in the world, since it is simply the device and the controls on a desk chair, but it would be the first real image of PSVR 2 glasses.

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Little more can be said about this first image of PSVR 2, which is good news. At first glance, it is a simple virtual reality device that would not need many cables or large adapter devices to make it work, quite the opposite of the PS4 PSVR. In the image we only clearly see a coiled cable and, it seems, two more in the white plastic bags. Nor does it seem too cumbersome in terms of dimensions, just like the controls.