Only a matter of hours ago we discovered that One Piece will have new figures that will recreate some of the most iconic moments of the manganime to celebrate its more than 20 years in broadcast and to make the most of the pull of its characters before Eiichiro Oda ends his story.

And now we have discovered via Reddit what Demon Slayer It also has an absolutely spectacular new figure that fans of this anime will be wanting to place on the shelves in their rooms. It is a figure of the Shinobu character that you can see below.

New figure of Shinobu from Demon Slayer!

A Reddit user nicknamed “princejp123321” recently shared a photograph of his latest anime figure, Shinobu from Demon Slayer, under the title “Shinobu is a beauty.”

Shinobu is such a beauty desde r / KimetsuNoYaiba

The truth is that the appearance of the Demon Slayer figure is a true wonder, and there will be very few fans of this anime capable of resisting it. If you like this character, don’t miss out on this curious Shinobu fan art that will leave you speechless.