David Duchovny will accompany her in a story co-written by the actress herself

David Duchovny will accompany her in a story co-written by the actress herself

‘When Harry Met Sally’, ‘Something to Remember’, ‘You’ve Got Email’, ‘Addicted to Love’… In the 90s, the queen of romantic comedies was meg ryan, but in the 2000s he was disappearing from the screens and in the last ten years he has only made two films without much success. Now she has decided to return to the genre that gave her fame accompanied by an actor that is easy to fall in love with: David Duchevny.

love at 60

In response to a Hollywood that tends to ignore actresses in their forties, Meg Ryan will go back behind the cameras after ‘Ithaca’, seven years ago, to film ‘what happens later’in whose poster, which he has shared on Instagram, the figure of both actors and that of a couple of dogs appear during a snow storm.

David Duchovny has been busier than Meg Ryan In recent years, not only with the late sequel to ‘The X Files’ but also participating in films like ‘The Bubble’ or the horrific remake of ‘Young Boys and Witches’. Now, with both of them in their 60s, they’ve decided it’s time to bring back the romantic comedy and give a little bit of heat to the hearts of his audience.

The story of the film is based on ‘Shooting star’, a play by Steven Dietz that she has adapted with Ryan herself and Kirk Lynn. In the play, a high school couple meet again many years later: she is still countercultural and hippy, but he has become conservative and corporatist. During a night when they meet again at an airport, they will remember the good times and they will tell each other what happened when they lost track. ‘What happens later’ will be released in 2023, and we can’t wait to see the return of the queen.

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