Dark Souls shuts down its servers on PC to avoid hackers

Dark Souls shuts down its servers on PC to avoid hackers

Today, we have told you about the fact that a serious exploit was discovered in the saga Dark Souls in the PC versions.

Be careful, a hack for Dark Souls 3 can disable your PC

Now, given this problem that created a vulnerability on their servers, allowing other players you meet in PvP will take control of your PC and have them do whatever they want: from sending you a hate message, stealing personal information, and even messing up your computer.

That will no longer be a problem, since luckily, it did not take long for Bandai NamcoEntertainment take action on the matter, so a few hours after the reports of the existence of this exploit circulated among the community of Dark Souls 3, the distributor made the decision to deactivate the servers of the saga of FromSoftware on PC.

Through a post on reddit, a community manager from bandai namco confirmed that the team is already aware of the vulnerability, so shortly after, the official account of Dark Souls on Twitter confirmed that they are investigating the problem to put a solution.

“The PvP servers for Dark Souls III, Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls: Remastered have been temporarily disabled for the team to investigate recent reports of an issue with the online services. The Dark Souls: PtDE servers will be joining them soon. We apologize for this inconvenience”explained bandai namco via Twitter.

So far it’s unclear how long PC players will have to wait to play again, but the servers will remain down.

Hopefully, it will not be for a long time, since there are many of his followers who have enjoyed this version of Dark Souls, and are even preparing for the release of Elden Ring and PvP is an important part of the experience.

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We hope that the community will be patient, so that bandai namco, it will take the necessary time, and permanently fix this problem.

Since if not done, this same hack could also affect the new game, so it would be best to fix it before its release.