CrossfireX was one of those titles that had to accompany the launch of Xbox Series X | S but that its release was delayed. This game, based on the successful Crossfire that accumulates millions of players in Asia, was going to have two important parts. The first one was a multiplayer mode geared towards PvP in closed environments but with a tactical influence greater than in other shooters of the style, being halfway between Call of Duty and Rainbow Six. The other part consists of a campaign mode for a player with a strong narrative component.

Precisely what we know the least about is this narrative game mode, whose incentive is that it is provided by Remedy (Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Control) and that promises to surprise everyone. On the other hand, the multiplayer section, the work of Smilegate, had a beta a year ago that we were able to test in advance and thus offer you our first impressions of CrossfireX. After the results obtained from this beta, it seems that Smilegate has wanted to make quite a few changes, many of them exposed in the post that they uploaded on the official website of the game.

CrossfireX confirms its launch in 2021 and offers news

CrossfireX will arrive in the near future of this 2021

In this post we can see that the study has carried out big graphic changes to CrossfireX maps, which already had quite a showy graphic section, but which have now benefited from improvements in lighting that give them a much more realistic appearance as you can see.

There have also been news about 3 new maps: Babylon, Invasion and Babylon Lab:

  • Babylon take part in the massive 30 player mode where two teams battle for five different checkpoints. Each point capture opens a supply box with special items to aid your team in battle.
  • Invasion is a new map for Specter mode. Many areas require close-range combat between the two teams, but there are also map mechanics that help defend against invisible wraiths.

  • Babylon Lab it is part of the new Infection Mode. In this 16-player mode, players must survive for as long as they can against infected players.

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CrossfireX confirms its launch in 2021 and offers news

Finally, it was confirmed that CrossfireX is still targeting a launch this 2021, although with an ambiguous “In the near future this year” so we are left without knowing even its launch window.

CrossfireX confirms its launch in 2021 and offers news