Innovation and sustainability come together in the latest news starring Crocs, the legendary clog firm that is experiencing a golden moment regarding its popularity. The house has set itself the goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. Thus, it seeks reduce by 50% the carbon footprint of each pair of Crocs.

With 3.94 kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted by every pair of classic clogs, Crocs already have a relatively low carbon footprint. But that’s not enough, now they launch a new bio-based material called Croslite to further reduce this data, and they do so without the need to create an independent line that is sustainable, but will integrate it into their usual collection.

To achieve this end they have partnered with Dow, a company specialized in materials science. The Crocs “of the future” (a future as close as the present itself) will incorporate the innovative Ecolibrium technology that transforms waste and by-products of sustainable origin into footwear.


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The firm guarantees that it will be “a shoe that will look, feel and perform exactly like what Crocs consumers know and love, but with less emissions.” We will have to wait for early 2022 to enjoy sustainable Crocs in stores around the world.

Photographs and video | Crocs