As we already know, Dragon Ball is one of the series of most famous anime in the industry. Today it has a large entourage of followers who do not hesitate to get epic tattoos, illustrate their favorite characters with different styles or even invent themselves new forms of transformation as we will see today.

They are Gohan, better known in Spain as They are Gohanda, is a character that is included in the group of the main of the series, having presence in many story arcs from Dragon Ball Z, Dragon ball super and Dragon Ball GT. He is known to be the son of Son Guki and Chi-Chi, So it is half saiyan and half earthling. Despite not being a pure Saiyan, he can get transform into Supersaiyan.

And we wanted to get to this point, the transformation that can be seen in the illustration it looks like a new one not seen before. It looks like a Supersaiyan God on a higher level. The colors, blue and white, are a perfect combination for the speculation that it could be a new form of transformation of Supersaiyan God. Although this comparison is only theoretical because in practice, according to the Wikifandom, «There are two types of Supersaiyan God Supersaiyan: the Blue Supersaiyan obtained by Son Goku, Vegeta, their Vegerot and Gogeta fusions, and the copy of the False Comméson Vegeta. While, on the other hand, the Pink Supersaiyan, is discovered by Goku Black[6] and its fused form, Zamas Pothala »Therefore, Son Gohanda would not have enough power to become a Supersaiyan God.

🔥Son Gohan Alternative Future🔥Fan art Made by me “JuanKarte” desde dbz

Your Creator, Juankarter, knew how to capture the essence of a true super saiyan with this amazing fanart and its spectacular amalgam of colors. Your title Son Gohan Alternative Future refers to the episodes of Dragon Ball Z in which the characters they use the time machine to be able to foresee the apocalypse that was coming upon them. In that alternate future Trunks travels to the past to warn of Goku’s death and the subsequent devastation of the earth as a result. A detail of this illustration is the metal arm of Son Gohan, as he lost his real arm in a fight to defend Trunks of some androids who tried to attack a park.

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Thus, this illustration that at first glance does not seem to tell much of the story that Son Gohanda lives, it becomes quite an interesting art for its nuances, in addition to this new look that any fan could interpret as fantastic. And you, would you like this look for Gohan in the series or in video games?