There are iconic places in our favorite series and The Valley of the End, which is a class apart and one of the most iconic places in Naruto. And the more important a place is in a series, the more opportunities fans have to recreate a type of art in it, in this case, the feat of recreate in Minecraft a perfect replica of The Valley of the End. Previously we saw how a Naruto fan has found a hidden reference to Jiraiya in Minecraft.

Place where the antagonists of Naruto, Madara Uchiha Y Hashirama Senju, had a battle that resulted in a new story arc in the series, the battle being so powerful that it created a valley with a waterfall and a lake that is the most outstanding feature and what we see today that this fan has replicated and shown us in your Reddit account.

Built Final Valley in Minecraft desde Naruto

For this, this fan has dedicated about two days of intense construction on the platform, since the waterfall is surrounded by two large stone figures that represent the two Shinobi, and to recreate Hashirama Senju He has dedicated 8 hours of construction that later served him to recreate the body of Madara Uchiha.

With an extra 4 hours adjusting the aesthetics of the volumes creating in Minecraft such as armor, hair, and characteristic features of clothing. It is not easy to make large constructions in Minecraft, but without a doubt this fan has won our hearts by perfectly recreating the iconic Valley of the End.

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