A professor at the Conacyt his job search has become a trend within social networks, after showing that it is a condition on the part of the institution, to continue working in it.

The job search is today a very interesting exercise, due to the impact it reaches through social networks, media that have consolidated with great success a large number of stories that end up being important bets, for making this exercise one of great interest among followers in networks.

Undoubtedly there is an important bet in the market and it is the one that has to do with the capacity that certain users have reached, when they manage to consolidate increasingly valuable jobs.

I’m looking for a job becomes a trend

The Conacyt professor Carolina Robledo has driven the trend #SearchWork in social networks and what we could call an exodus to find a suitable job at their academic level, has become an example of the policies that these academic units follow and the current state of the country’s labor market.

Robledo explained that she has a doctorate in Social Sciences and has a specialization in anthropology of violence and justice, feminist and collaborative methodologies and spistemologies.

The complete academic profile with which she has been trained forces her to look for a job, as a condition of Conacyt to be a member of this government agency that financially supports professors and students in their educational training and specialization.

The rule that Conacyt has imposed is that compliance with the obligations established for Professorship personnel will be evaluated, where it is required to “seek employment in the receiving institution”.

The trend of the professor has been joined by other highly trained professionals who exhibit their academic credentials and how they are being forced by Conacyt to integrate into the labor market, to continue being part of the Commission, thereby establishing a precedent that has no waste and if all the potential to understand what happens in Mexico with professionals with these categories.

Highly trained professionals

Highly trained professionals have become a very important topic of conversation, reflecting the state of the professional market in Mexico and the place they have in the labor market, one with large debts within the country.

Within Mexico, an element that has always been questioned has been the opportunity that brands have found to be able to integrate into the needs of the consumer and the valuable thing in this is that elements are determined, from which it is necessary to work on improvements in the market labor, to ensure that the integration of the consumer is successful.

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