We are a short time before the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra hits the market and we are waiting for the South Korean manufacturer to launch different versions in order to compete against Apple’s Iphone 13.

The S22 Ultra would be the new “Samsung Galaxy Note”

The company itself confirmed a few days ago that it will continue to use a 108 megapixel main lens with zoom improvements, but a leak has published all the specifications of the camera.

This leak was from the twitter account Ice Universe, one of the most prestigious leakster and although we must be cautious with this information, it would be a great project for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

If there is a company that always seeks to take big steps in computational photography, it is Google with its Pixels and the camera app that, without needing a large lens, achieves high-quality photographs.

The giant Google showed some of the keys to how to work computational photography last summer with Google Photos and its Google Pixel.

It is certainly an interesting bet for Samsung, because while others seek to increase camera technology such as Sony, they will continue to advance in software development.