The arrival of the cider season in Gipuzkoa has made me remember a preparation, very simple but very tasty, which is usually offered in good union with cider: the cod with green peppers.

To me, who in another life I think I was cod, I love how both ingredients are combinedThey are like El Gordo and El Flaco, Pixie and Dixie, or Tip and Coll: a great couple.

The indispensable requirement to lick your fingers with this recipe is the choice of a good genre, a quality cod One of those that melts in your mouth is essential to the success of this fish recipe.

We remove the peduncle and the seeds of the peppers and cut them into strips. We peel the garlic and chop them. We put a finger of oil in a pan and heat it, putting the garlic to poach until they start dancing.

When the garlic begins to move inside the oil, add the pepper strips and let them cook over medium low heat, for approximately twenty minutes to confit without getting toasted.

Cod with green peppers, recipe

We remove the peppers and cook the cod, well drained in the remaining oil over medium heat, just long enough for it to change color. Add the cooked peppers and let both ingredients blend for five minutes over low heat.

With what to accompany the cod with green peppers

I always associate this cod with green peppers to dinner, perhaps because I still remember a dinner in a Gipuzkoan cider house from many years ago, in very good company, in which we ate this dish, and I remember that it was delicious. A fresh cider or white wine is the best accompaniment to this dish.

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