Home Gaming Christian Bale’s hat in Thor 4 divides fans

Christian Bale’s hat in Thor 4 divides fans

Christian Bale’s hat in Thor 4 divides fans

After a long wait and a lot of secrecy about what the version of hat in the movie Marvel StudiosIt has finally been revealed what the version of Cap the God Butcher from Christian balein the film Thor: Love and Thunderthe fourth installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe for the god of thunder, which in addition to promising changes, action, will not show new characters and settings within the franchise.

So now that we’ve been officially allowed to look at Cap the God Butcher from Christian balethe opinions of the fans are divided, since there are those who affirm that it looks impressive, but there is another part that says that it is completely different from what we had seen in the comics of Marvelie, the image of the character first appeared last month when the toys for the film began to appear in large stores and networks, but we had not looked at his characterization.

And it is that, being honest if it shows a significantly different appearance than its comic style, since unlike the comics, the live action version of Bale has a noise that some believe takes away from the creepy character of the character and makes it in a much more human version of the character.

The character that appears in Thor: Love and Thunderhe doesn’t have his iconic ear studs, nor does he wear his classic black cape style that he wore during the entirety of his initial comics. Jason Aaron Y esad ribicWhat’s more, suffice it to say that fans are still pretty divided on what the character looks like, so hat became a trend on twitter since Monday night when fans of Marvel they debated her stance on her appearance.

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