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Chinese cosplay takes Loid Forger off the screen

Chinese cosplay takes Loid Forger off the screen

in the world there are cosplayer of all types, there are some who focus on dressing like them, others on showing their attributes, some on making us guess what character they are dressed as, but there are even some who manage to take things to another level, and not just show off some clothes or accessories that the character would use, but much more; And whether it’s video games or anime, a cosplay job like this will always be well received and applauded.

Taking advantage of the great boom that anime Spy x Family is having worldwide, we have found a cosplay artist, who seems to take the definition of the word to another level, since it has not been enough for him to look like or dress like him, but in reality he is identical to the original anime character.

So this cosplay boy of Chinese nationality, he is a cosplayer model, his name is Weilan Rana cosplayer who takes his work to another level, you can find him on Instagram as @weilanranwhere it has more than 282 thousand followers and a lot of interesting cosplay jobs, where the guy manages to look just like the original character.

Now, in case you have not watched this popular anime, we tell you that Loid Forgeris a spy whose aka is twilight; a world-class spy who gets his missions written in secret messages among the newspaper notes, and in his most recent mission, he must pretend to be a psychologist and father of a family in order to have a child and enter the school where his target appears daily to see his son, that is why he adopts Anya and marries Yorin an attempt to fulfill his mission, which is surprisingly altruistic.

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Now working undercover in an attempt to keep the peace between the nations of Westalis Y ostaniathe only way that twilight succeed is to get closer to your goal, which implies that Anya attend Eden CollegeWithout counting that Yor Y Anya They have their own secrets up their sleeves. We hope that this cosplay work has been to your liking, if so, please let us know through our social networks, and please continue on eGamesNews.