cat and dog powers to unveil the mystery of a town

cat and dog powers to unveil the mystery of a town

It’s been a long time since Deadly Premonition was released, but the work of Swery has left an indelible mark. Love or hate, there is no middle ground for a creator who now offers us his new title.

The Good Life the next will finally arriveOctober 15 to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam. Developed by White Owls and Grounding, we will travel with Naomi Hayward, a reporter who will have to uncover the mystery surrounding Rainy Woods, the English rural town considered the happiest in the world.

The camera will be our main tool, since the newspaper that has hired the protagonist, The Morning Bell, will send us various orders To make. Debts drown us, so income is always welcome.

However, the strangest thing about the small town is that at night its inhabitants transform into cats and dogs. In the same way, Naomi can become one of the two animals and use her unique abilities to move around the buildings.

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As was the case with Deadly premonition, on The Good Life we will find many things to do. Grow vegetables in the garden, explore the desert or meet the locals over a drink in the pub; the variety of activities is wide and it will take us hours to discover it all.