2021 was a great year for Capcom. Releases like Monster hunter rise, Resident Evil Village Y The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles showed that this Japanese company is still relevant to today’s market. In this way, it is no surprise that in 2022 we see a desire to continue this success, something that Capcom made clear in a recent statement.

Through Famitsu, Capcom revealed part of its plans for 2022. During this year, the company intends to deliver DLC to us for Resident Evil Village, which will provide more information in the future. Alongside this, series titles will be provided in multiple ways for more players to enjoy. Although, once again, no details are provided, this reinforces the rumors of an alleged remake of the fourth installment of the franchise.

Similarly, Capcom will focus on the launch of Monster hunter rise on PC, which will happen on January 12. In spring they will provide more details on Sunbreak, the great expansion of this title, which will be available in the summer of 2022.

Finally, it has been mentioned that Capcom intends to work on other franchises, such as Mega Man and Street Fighter., which celebrate an important anniversary this year. Similarly, some surprises are not ruled out throughout 2022. We can only wait for the company to provide more details on all its plans.

On related topics, Capcom has finally talked about Street fighter vi. Similarly, the Ace Attorney characters star in an anti-drug campaign.


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Capcom has the potential to have a great year. While the launch list doesn’t look as strong as it is in 2021, what’s coming in 2022 will reinforce what we saw in the past 12 months. Let’s just hope that Mega Man and Street Fighter anniversaries are treated with all the respect they deserve.

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Capcom reveals its plans for 2022

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