BTCS First Firm to Offer Bitcoin Dividends

BTCS First Firm to Offer Bitcoin Dividends
  • Tech firm BTCS Inc, announced Bividend, a dividend payable to BTCS shareholders of record in Bitcoin.
  • Bividend will be paid at $ 0.05 per share held in Bitcoin.

The blockchain technology and infrastructure company BTCS Inc., took the spotlights last Wednesday, January 5, after having made public his intention to offer the “first dividend payable in Bitcoin by a firm listed on Nasdaq.”

This dividend called Bividend”Will be paid at $ 0.05 per share held in Bitcoin, based on the price of the crypto asset on the date the dividends are distributed.

The firm noted that its shareholders will be paid on March 17, in addition to having the possibility of receiving their dividend in cash if they so wish.

This announcement is a watershed in the market digital cryptoas this is the first time that a consortium has offered dividends on Satoshi Nakamoto’s assets, as an alternative to cash payments.

First blockchain company to go public

BTCS is also the first North American company to be listed on the “Pure Play” exchange focused on blockchain technologies. BTCS tiIt has the ability to provide a blockchain infrastructure, with which it is able to ensure proof-of-stake blockchains, through the native participation of crypto assets.

The company is also developing a patented staking-as-a-service platform, with which it wants to make it easier for users to place bets with digital assets through a non-custodial platform.

Would it be better to buy the cryptocurrency directly?

After the information was released, BTCS shares rose to almost 44 percent, however A group of financial experts have indicated that you should not buy a share, solely based on the publicity that surrounds it.

If you want to own that company then go and be it“Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Consultant, and Delancey Wealth Management Founder Ivory Johnson said in an interview. “But if what you really want is to buy bitcoins, buy bitcoins. Don’t buy this just to get bitcoins”.

A wise resolution in this type of issue of acquiring shares is that each person’s decision must be based on the fundamentals of the company itself, as indicated by the financial consultant.

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For its part, Bone Fide Wealth Chairman Douglas Boneparth is convinced that the Bitcoin dividend is simply something “cool”, is in complete agreement with what Johnson pointed out, pointing out that that is not a sufficient reason to acquire shares.

It is important to have much more information on hand about why you are investing in this company, as well as its future cash flow “said Boneparth, who is not a newbie and has a lot of support in his sayings, since he has invested in the so-called “digital gold” since 2014.

Although the consultant considers the “Bividend” to be something really interesting, for the direct ownership of Bitcoin, it should not be taken lightly, since the fact of “jumping to it just because it’s a novelty, it’s like jumping to a simple featurenot necessarily to a product ”.

In fact, so it is not a thing to be taken lightly, that if any shareholder wants to bet on the BividendYou must be aware that you must provide your own Bitcoin wallet and of course secure it, which is easy, but it certainly is not.

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