Brotherhood claims Kestis cameo in Fallen Order

Brotherhood claims Kestis cameo in Fallen Order

fans of starwarsknow very well that one of the most significant and beloved contributions to the canon is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderthe game that follows the story of a Jedi inexperienced called Cal Kestiswhile trying to go unnoticed after the events of Revenge of the Sithwhere unfortunately, he reveals his force powers in public, which leads a group of Inquisitors to chase him, so as he flees, he tries to complete his training, learn about the history of the Jedi and much more.

This, which is quite a convincing story, has managed to make noise among many of the fans of starwars after a long break from the franchise’s narrative games, and that’s why it has become a reference to the game of Respawn in a handful of other projects starwarsas is the case with The Mandalorianin recent years, but fans recently saw another, as it is believed that a young Cal Kestis was seen in the new book of Mike Chen, Star Wars: Brotherhood.

On this, it should be clarified that the book takes place before Revenge of the Sith and follow to Anakin Y Obi Wan in another adventure, so it is at a point in history, where reference is made to a red-haired young man, which led many to believe that it was Kestiswhat Chenconfirmed on twitter that he is in fact the protagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderbecause apparently there were no other young redheads during that time.

That’s why from now on, Respawn has confirmed that he is working on a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and it is believed that we could see it this week during Star Wars Celebration, but that has not been confirmed so far. Besides, I also know about Cal Kestis could appear in the new series of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Disney+as the character has yet to appear in live action and some think the timeline would line up perfectly to allow the character to make his debut, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

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