Bowser and Mario promoted the PS5 in China

Bowser and Mario promoted the PS5 in China

Brand of PlayStation it is home to many iconic pets in the world of video games. Some of the most obvious options would be Ratchet & Clank, Kratos, or even Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. But it seems that we can also begin to relate to Mario and Bowser, or at least that’s what a store in China did.

It happens that a video game retail store located in Guangzhou, China you are using the image of Mario Y Bowser in their wedding suits of Super mario odyssey to promote the Playstation 5 and well, the entire brand. You can see it below:


It’s definitely something weird to see, but it wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened and it obviously won’t be the last. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch OLED will be coming to China the next January 11, so that store better not throw away the cartons of Bowser and Mario.

And speaking of PlayStation 5, Sony recently revealed its new televisions optimized for this new console. You can see some of these models in the following link.


Editor’s note: It seems that China is always associated with these types of cases. I mean, I want to believe it was intentional as even both characters’ outfits match the PlayStation white, but it’s certainly quite an odd decision especially when there are so many other Sony characters that could have been used instead.

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Bowser and Mario promoted the PS5 in China

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