Bloober Team speaks about the possible remake of Silent Hill 2

Bloober Team speaks about the possible remake of Silent Hill 2

In recent days, rumors about the development of new installments of the Silent Hill franchise, one of the largest in the Survival-Horror genre, especially thanks to the years of glory it had with its first installments, have been a constant. . In addition to the leaks of the new franchise title, it has also emerged that a remake of Silent Hill 2 would be in developmentapparently, by the people of Bloober Team, creator of Layers of Fear or The Medium.

Interestingly, the Polish studio has spoken out about these rumors in a recent interview with IGNin which the CEO of Bloober Team, Piotr Babieno, assured that they cannot comment on any rumorsbecause of his “relationship with partners”adding that they will make the official announcements about their next projects “as soon as possible”.

Bloober Team speaks about the possible remake of Silent Hill 2

“We can’t comment on anything we’re doing because we appreciate our relationship with our partners, of course,” Babiano said. So we can’t [decir] any. We will make an announcement about our future projects as soon as we can. So then you will know much more.”

However, Babieno took the opportunity to reconfirm that the study is working on a property licensed by a partner, although he assures that this will not be an impediment for the study to preserve its identity.

I would say that it is difficult to work with someone who [posee una IP en la que estás trabajando]but we are always talking to those licensors, [diciendo] ‘Guys, we would like to use your license, but we would like to tell our own story. If we’re not able to tell our own story, if we’re not going to have creative freedom, it doesn’t make sense, because Bloober Team won’t make a great game. If you are in a prison, you will not be able to fly. So that’s why we’re trying [hacer] only those titles where we feel, ‘OK, it’s going to be a Bloober Team game, not someone’s [de otra persona]‘. So even in the project we can’t talk about, it will still be a Bloober Team title.

Therefore, although the studio has spoken out when asked about the Silent Hill 2 Remake, as expected, balls have been thrown out. According to the words of the CEO, it will not be until an official announcement is made when the study officially confirms or denies these rumors, so we will have to keep waiting for the time being.

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