A new year has begun and the different companies in the video game industry have wanted to welcome it, congratulating the players and commenting on what is to come in the future. In that sense, now BioWare explains how developments are progressing for the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age, two of the most anticipated titles by fans of decision RPGs. Next we leave you with the extract of the release from Gary McKay, General Manager of the North American company for a year, having had to take care of returning BioWare to its rightful place.

“And of course, we continue to work hard on the upcoming Dragon Age and Mass Effect installments. I am seeing incredible work from both teams. If you’re curious about Mass Effect, I recommend taking a look at the poster that was released on N7 Day. If you look closely, there are some interesting hidden clues; According to my calculations, there are at least five surprises, all of them pointing to an incredible future in the Mass Effect universe. In regards to Dragon Age, we have a group of veteran and talented developers working on the next installment of the franchise. We are focused on a single player experience that builds on decisions that matter”.

All the hidden details in the new poster of the next Mass Effect

As you can see, BioWare still seems far from offering concrete details of the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age, so we hope that throughout this 2022 we will finally have the advances that fans have been waiting for so long. Meanwhile remember that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition tomorrow will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog and will allow you to relive the original Shepard trilogy in the best conditions you have ever done.

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