When we have everything assembled, we must set up speaker or microphone for the microcomputer or install the operating system using a microSD. Like the rest of the home automation projects on this list, we can

Weather station

Control the room temperature, humidity or CO2. A perfect device for a children’s room, for example, or simply if you want to know whether or not you should install a purifier. We will find a list of necessary instruments or elements and other “optional”. When you find the tools, you will have to get to it: making the box that shapes our gadget.

We have to connect everything in its place, creating the different circuits, developing the software … but, like the rest of home automation projects with Raspberry Pi, everything is explained step by step. We will get a station that transfers the data to the computer with a temperature monitoring, humidity… But, in addition, the screen will show us in real time what is happening at that moment.

Plant Rotator

What is this plant rotation system for? So that the sun or light does not always give them the same place. It rotates and you don’t have to worry if the light never shines on one side. It is useful and not too difficult to do if you want a home automation project for your Raspberry Pi. In fact, its author assures that he did it as part of the “Introduction to Making” class. We will need a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and a series of utensils to help us get light for the plants.

It is simple, we will place a series of motors and a 3D printed base that we can use to place our planter and that it begins to rotate.

Pet food and water dispenser

There are many automatic feeders and even smart pet feeders that allow us to leave food and water to cats and dogs when we are not going to be at home. But if you are a handyman, you can make your own using a Raspberry Pi.

The first thing we will find will be the necessary materials in great detail: buttons, a motor, an LED screen, a water level sensor, two force detection resistors, two distance measurement sensors, a Raspberry Pi 4 and much more. Also, you can find links to buy it.

When we have it, we begin to do this project that is much more complicated than others on this list and in which we will have to start by making a circuit for our automatic feeder. We will also have to create a database and finally create the box that will be the structure of the device.

For outdoor

If you want home automation projects with Raspberry Pi they not only work in your kitchen or your bedroom, but there are also options for control outside.

Air control with AirPi

If you are one of those who are concerned about air quality at home and away, we can use AirPi. AirPi is a project that allows to create an air quality meter. It is not a project in itself that we must go buying piece by piece but we can buy the complete pack with everything necessary in the kit to create it.

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It is able to record information on humidity, pressure, temperature, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide… Although many purifiers do it automatically, you can make it yourself with the raspberry microcomputer and all the information that is available on the AirPi website.


Security camera

We can make a security camera with the Quick Security Cam for RPi project that we find on one of the best websites to find ideas for the microcomputer, Instructables. We can read step by step how we should configure the computer or what are the “necessary supplies” to be able to do so. In this case, a Raspberry Pi Zero is required with built-in wireless connection, a webcam and an LED.

Once we have what we need, we start by following the steps. We are building and connecting the device so that everything is in its place. We will find images with the process and we can download the guide in PDF.

Security camera

Other projects

There is also other fun projects we can do with Raspberry Pi. They are not as such home automation projects, but they are original and curious ideas that can give your home a smarter touch with talking appliances or digital frames created by yourself.

Talking Toasters

It is not a home automation project but it is a fun project and one of the most successful of Intructables. A toaster that speaks and gestures with moving eyebrows. It is not the most useful if you are looking to have a smart home but it is something fun that will give a smart touch to your kitchen so you can have a good time or have a more curious and fun decoration at home. Can it be used to make toast? No.

You can see the process step by step in photographs or see a summary video about how this toaster is made or how we can program the audio step by step.

Photo frame

If you want a smart decoration you can have a photo frame with a Raspberry Pi. A good gift to give to relatives if you have a multi-inch screen and want to take advantage of it. At the office or at home, to give as gifts … On the Instructables website we cans follow the instructions step by step. It is true that it is not a home automation project in itself or for youhave a smarter home or have something practical with which to control the windows or to lower the blinds, but it is a way to give an original touch for those who want to see their photos.

To use it, a Raspberry Pi with a seven-inch screen, an SD card, the Pyxian OS operating system is used … And all the instructions can be seen from the web with step-by-step photos for assembly or a summary video. One of the advantages is that promises to be ready in less than half an hourto.