Basic guide on types of beer and the top 10

Basic guide on types of beer and the top 10

The four main ingredients are: water, barley, yeast and hops. For this drink, different cereals can be used to produce it, such as: barley, wheat, corn, rye or rice. can be added hops, herbs, fruit or chocolate. To start your production you need the barley grain malting that is mixed with water so that it germinates and the starches are broken down so that sugars are generated. The grain is heated to stop its germination. When the malt is dried, flavors and colors are produced that will form part of the final product. Depending on the type of drying, different types of flavors are determined.

That is why we will review details of modern beer and its characteristics so that you have a clearer idea of ​​what you are drinking and not only differentiate it by brand.

Types of beer there are

In our days there is a powerful attraction around craft beer and a multiplier effect and of companies that make this drink, although it has the peculiarity that it is prepared in the same way, that is, with water, malt, hops and barley although not It contains no preservatives that affect its flavor.

These are the six types of beer that exist and their ingredients:

Lagers and Pilsens: It is made with pale malt, with a blond appearance, it has a low fermentation and low alcohol content.

AbbeyPairing: Produced with barley, fermentation and high graduation. It is usually handcrafted in abbeys or small breweries.

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Gueuze-Lambic: This is the result of the mixture of wheat and barley, of natural fermentation without the need for yeast.

White: Made only wheat, it is very pale, and much lighter than pilsner. It has high fermentation and low alcohol content, it has a light flavor as well as marked.

AlePairing: It is fast fermented at high temperatures, generates a fruity flavor, fermented with various yeasts. Both color and strength are variable. There are different types: See Bitter, Brown Ale, Cream Ale, Indian Pale, Mild, Pale-Ale, Scotch Ale.

Stout: To reach its flavor, it is achieved with roasted malt with a high fermentation process. It is usually sweet and its alcohol content is low.

What are the best beers?

According to him annual ranking of the best 50 beers del mundo made by the firm Brand Finance puts three Mexican beers on the list, in which Corona is the queen in the first place; Special Model stays with the fifth place; Victory is the thirteenth square; Tecate at 21; XX lager is 37.

Mexican beer has a great reputation in the world, but there are other international brands that do the same in this list of the first 10.

  1. Crown (Mexico)
  2. Heineken (Netherlands)
  3. Budweiser (USA)
  4. Bud Light (USA)
  5. Special Model (Mexico)
  6. Snow (Chinese)
  7. Miller Lite (USA)
  8. Coors Light (United States)
  9. Kirin (Japan)
  10. Asahi (Japan)