Bargain used cars (XXXVII): Dacia Duster, VW Golf GTI, Renault ZOE and much more

Bargain used cars (XXXVII): Dacia Duster, VW Golf GTI, Renault ZOE and much more

Are you looking for a second hand car? You cannot miss this selection of bargains. The used car you want to buy is here, and at the best price. We present a weekly collection of used cars. SUV, electric, utility, 4×4 sports… All the cars that you will find on this list stand out for their sale price.

It’s Friday and so it’s time for a new installment of our weekly collection of second-hand cars that you can not ignore. A selection of models from various categories and/or segments that are a real bargain in the eyes of the buyer. Among other features is a more advantageous sale price compared to what the car would be worth if it were brand new.

What used cars will you find here? SUV, sports, utility, 4×4, electric… It is a very varied list. Let’s not delay time any longer and delve into this new compilation to make an extensive review of the models selected for the thirty-seventh edition of our weekly “chollometer” of used cars.

Dacia Duster Prestige 1.5 Blue dCi 115 4×4 from 2019

4×4 (SUV/Off-road) – Dacia Duster

As is customary in these more than 30 editions of the weekly collection of second-hand bargains, we begin the review by focusing on that ideal category for nature-loving drivers. Logically we refer to vehicles with a 4×4 drive system. It does not matter if they are SUV or conventional off-road. The chosen model is already a regular in this section. The Dacia Duster.

in range Dacia
is one of the best cheap SUVs on the market. However, and beyond its sale price, one of the keys that the Romanian SUV can be most proud of is its solvency away from the asphalt of the big city. The Duster 4×4 offers extraordinary off-road performance and, in some cases, comes close to a classic off-roader. This new model starts at around €23,300. Let’s find a more affordable used unit.

We present you a unit registered in the year 2019 and that has only traveled 70,778 kilometers. It is a second-generation “pre-facelift” model. Under its hood there is a 115 hp diesel engine associated with a manual gearbox and a 4×4 drive system. Its price? For only €18,495 if paid in cash. A price that can be reduced even more if you choose to finance the purchase as indicated in this link.

Volkswagen Golf GTI
2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Sports – Volkswagen Golf GTI

We make a radical change of category and leave aside the vehicles prepared to circulate on all types of roads to focus on those cars that offer an unforgettable driving experience on asphalt. It’s time to look for the sports car of the week. The choice has not been easy at all, however, what could be better than opting for a benchmark, the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The acronym GTI is an important part of the compact car’s history. volkswagen. The Golf GTI boasts of offering an extraordinary balance between sports car and everyday car. A vehicle that has undergone a great evolution over the years and that, at the moment, is offered brand new from approximately €46,400. However, it is possible to find cheaper copies.

In our search we have found a Golf GTI registered in 2021 and that has only traveled 19,000 km. Under its hood is a 245 hp 2.0 TSI petrol engine associated with a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG automatic gearbox and a front-wheel drive system. The cash sale price is only €37,900. In the sale announcement you can consult the rest of the details.

Renault ZOE Intens 50 R110 from 2021
Renault ZOE Intens 50 R110 from 2021

Electric – Renault ZOE

Once again we have radically changed the category and, as usual in this weekly compilation, we must dedicate a space to talk about sustainable mobility. And more specifically the electric car. Electrification at its highest level continues to gain popularity in the Spanish market. The renault zoe It is one of the reference electric cars among general brands and for this reason, it is our choice for this week.

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Renault has in its range one of the first electric cars created “for the people”. It is a sales success in its competitive segment. However, the price of a brand new ZOE is still quite high in relation to a conventional thermal utility. This is where the incipient market for second-hand electric cars comes into play. Let’s see if we hit a bargain.

This used ZOE was registered in mid-2021 and has driven just over 10,500 km. It is equipped with a 52 kWh battery and is powered by an 80 kW (108 hp) motor. It should also be noted that it is configured in the Intens trim level, so it has solvent equipment. As for its price, it is set at €22,250 if you opt for cash payment. In this link you can consult the rest of the information.

2021 Nissan Juke Enigma DIG-T 114 DCT
2021 Nissan Juke Enigma DIG-T 114 DCT

SUV – Nissan Juke

SUV-type vehicles also have a fixed space in our weekly collection. And it is that, as we remember every week, SUVs account for approximately 50% of new car sales in Europe. That is why manufacturers continue to increase their commitment to this formula. The choice we have made is none other than the nissan jukea reference model in the B-SUV segment.

The Juke plays the role of access model to the SUV range of nissan. This SUV has an important commercial route behind it. This has made it possible to generate a significant stock of second-hand models. Let’s take a look at a more affordable price unit versus what it would cost brand new.

We present you a 2021 Juke with approximately 13,000 km behind it and configured with the Enigma finish. Under its hood there is a 114 hp DIG-T gasoline engine associated with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. This brand new version costs more than €28,500. However, the used unit has a cash sale price of only €23,450 as well indicated in the sale announcement.

SEAT Ibiza FR Plus TSI 110 from 2021
SEAT Ibiza FR Plus TSI 110 from 2021

Utility Vehicles – SEAT Ibiza

Last but not least, it is time to end this compilation by setting the sights on the utility segment. Perfect vehicles to deal with the big city on a daily basis due to their small size. The Seat Ibizaa model that has been playing a leading role in the Spanish car market.

The utility of SEAT
It has achieved great commercial success in Spain and, although in recent times it has been overshadowed by the rise of SUVs and, especially, by the SEAT Arona, it is a model to take into account. The starting price of the Ibiza is around €16,500. However, it is a price that corresponds to a really basic model. It is important to focus on the higher versions.

After doing a quick search on the second-hand market, we have come across a 2021 Ibiza with around 13,000 km. It is configured in the FR Plus trim level, the sportiest version, and under its hood is a 110 hp TSI gasoline engine with a six-speed manual transmission. It is a mechanic that offers an extraordinary balance between performance and efficiency. The cash sale price is €21,920a figure that can be reduced by up to €19,730 if the purchase is financed as indicated in this link.