Apparently, there will be a fifth season of Stranger Things |

Apparently, there will be a fifth season of Stranger Things |

A few days ago the last two episodes for the fourth season of stranger things, ending that generated mixed feelings for the most fanatical of the franchise. And now that the conclusion has come, many are wondering if a wave of more chapters will be released soon to give a satisfying conclusion for the characters.

First of all, yes, there will be a fifth season that will finish the story that started in the year 2016 in Netflix. Even the creators of the concept, the brothers Dufferassured that it will be a final closure for the adventure of the children of hawkins. Although the number of chapters it will have and if it will also be divided into two parts is not yet mentioned.

The release date has not yet been contemplated, but it is likely that the chapters will be made available until the year of 2024, this if the rhythm of two years between seasons is followed. The fourth took a little longer due to the pandemic, but now that things have improved with the COVID-19it is very certain that it will be a maximum of two years of waiting.


Spoilers ahead!

The plot that will address the last season of stranger things It will be the last confrontation against neighbor, because in the current closing chapter he lets us see that the character is still alive. So in the style of villains like It, the protagonists will have to look for him to give peace to the town of hawkins and happened also to save the world.

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Remember that every season of stranger things are available in Netflix.

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