Analyst says Nintendo’s next console will arrive in 2024

Analyst says Nintendo’s next console will arrive in 2024

Some analysts believe that the next console Nintendo It will be released in 2024, and it will not be a simple update to the current Nintendo Switch. The popular Big N handheld was released back in 2017, making the Nintendo Switch increasingly out of date alongside competitors like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. While the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch was launched in October 2021, many fans are eager to meet the next generation console from the company.

Like most consoles Nintendo, Switch innovates by combining aspects of home and portable consoles. The system itself is a tablet with a large central display, allowing users to easily take it with them on the go. The Switch can also be docked, allowing it to function like a traditional home console. The Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch are also innovative, making use of both button inputs and motion controls, and can be docked to the sides of the tablet during a portable gaming session. The new models of Nintendo Switch continue to improve the initial concept, increasing the performance of the console.

Now, gaming industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls reckons that Nintendo’s next console will likely launch in 2024. Sharing his thoughts via, Harding-Rolls explains that no model release is expected. Nintendo Switch Pro. Instead, the successor to the Switch will arrive in late 2024, marking the gaming giant’s entry into the current generation of gaming consoles. Although no specific predictions have been made about Nintendo’s next project, the hardware is likely to be radically different than the current Switch.

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While many gamers have their minds set on a Nintendo Switch Pro model, which would theoretically bring the performance of the console closer to those of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, others are excited about a completely new design. At a recent briefing between company executives, the next Nintendo console to succeed the Switch was explicitly mentioned, although the project’s launch window remained extremely vague. During the briefing, the executives explained that the Switch is in the “middle phase of its life cycle”, hinting at plans to replace it in the next few years. Although the portable gaming tablet remains very popular with gamers, as the console continues to age it will inevitably become outdated in the eyes of the industry.

While Piers Harding-Rolls’ claims are certainly not confirmation of any official Nintendo plans, the analyst has an impressive track record of accurate predictions. It’s also only fitting that Nintendo starts planning its next console era, especially if a substantially more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch isn’t in the works. There is still two years to go until 2024, but the first Nintendo Direct of 2022 could possibly offer a small hint about Nintendo’s future plans for the console.