The iPad arrives in this 2021 until the ninth generation, and undoubtedly marks the central axis of the range on which the rest of the models pivot. For years, this has been the model that defines the category but that during the latest movements in the world of technology has managed to adapt, for example in the iPad Pro, iPad Air or even the new iPad mini.

The renewal of this model is not a radical change with its younger brother and is based on two fundamental pillars: contain the price not to overlap any other model in the range and offer enough required power so that any app or daily task unfolds with ease.

This model is the Mature iPad, the iPad that is easy to recommend to those who have never had one, and the perfect entry point not only to the range, but also almost to the Apple ecosystem. That is why every year it updates its characteristics so as not to be left out of the race but always in a prudent position. Points in virtually all directions to any use we can give it at home and is ready for our day to day: this is the ninth generation.

This is the new iPad Pro 2021

A familiar format

Analysis Ipad 2021 Applesfera 41

Aesthetically, it is identical to the way we already had on the iPad from last year. It adopts the thinner edges of the first generation iPad Pro (as it happened with its predecessor) and maintains weight and connectivity (Lightning) that gives access to a wide known range of accessories.

The design is not aimed at the trend of thinner edges but it still works on the table or in the hands: in a tablet of these characteristics, it is construction quality, materials, and design work are important as a whole – beyond that we would have preferred to thin the top and bottom edges somewhat. In the day to day, working, creating and consuming content with it, these edges end up disappearing when we focus on the content – which, after all, is the important thing in this device.

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However, we do have an important change on the screen in this ninth generation, and it is the Incorporation of True Tone Color Balance and White Balance – uses the ambient sensor to tint the colors on the screen and align them with the color temperature of the room.

Otherwise, it maintains 10.2 “with a resolution of 2160×1620, with 264 dots per inch and 500 nits of brightness (the same as the new iPad mini) making comfortable to consume any type of contenteven outdoors as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight (as in any other screen).

Powered by the A13 Bionic

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This iPad comes with the chip Apple A13 Bionic, which represents an increase of around 20% over the previous generation iPad (the A12 Bionic chip). The Neural Engine has 8 cores to help with the tasks of photo editing, graphic processing and other main processor CPU / GPU support needs.

In day to day, this iPad can with any app we needFrom Word to a 3D game, document review or using the first-generation Apple Pencil to take notes or more closely outline data entry in certain applications. The front camera now includes a 12MP camera with ultra wide angle which is compatible with Center Stage, so we can move throughout our videoconference and the iPad will always focus us within the wide plane that it is capturing. Perfect for teleworking or talking with family or friends from anywhere.

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If we check how the A13 Bionic we will see very similar numbers to the rest of the devices that mounted it, being precisely one of the strong points since this processor was a turning point in terms of power:

Ipad 2021 Geekbench Applesfera Analysis

Also on drums we arrive until 11 o’clock of use using typical day-to-day applications, in my case Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Slack, Safari, Apple Music, Apple TV +, Notes, Fantastical … Here the number is similar to the previous generation, but let’s remember that we are increasing in power with the processor, being balanced then to what the brand usually offers us. I have measured how it retains heat and even with complex uses (3D games, Geekbench, iMovie …) I have obtained a reasonable value of 30º, with a peak of 32º in situations where the ambient temperature was somewhat higher.

Analysis Ipad 2021 Applesfera 45

If we charge this iPad with the 20W apple charger (included in the box), we will get up to 36% battery in the first half hour and 62% per hour. This will allow us “emergency” charge the iPad in case we have not remembered to load it and we have to leave the house. It also works with the Smart Keyboard that we already had with the original iPad Pro and the rest of iPads from recent years, which does not have a battery and is charged through the Smart Connector, still in force in the model.

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The set is comfortable if our main activity is to write, and it also serves as a front protector and support base for the iPad if we need it to watch movies or make a videoconference. It is also compatible with all accessories available for iPad eighth generation that shares a form factor with this model.

A mature iPad focused on being useful

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This iPad focuses on offering the maximum in power and quality at a contained price and adding touches of new changes that bring appeal to the generation. One of them is that finally the base model starts from 64GB at the same price we already had last year (from € 379), so we gained in storage, reaching up to 256GB.

Review Ipad 2021 Applesfera 29

If you are looking for a classic iPad, useful for almost everything, without a doubt this model is the one that I would recommend. Even though the 8Mpx wide-angle rear camera remains the same as in the previous model, the front has won with the ultra wide angle with Center Stage and it is possible that Apple has wanted to improve in the face of the great use of video conferencing that we are doing in these years.

Definitely, the iPad that sets the standard for the range, updated for those who do not yet have an iPad or come from an older model and do not need the differential features of the iPad Air, the strengths of the Pro or need a specific model of reduced size like the new iPad mini. The iPad for everyone, even more palatable.