An incredible mod combines Pokémon with Super Mario Galaxy

An incredible mod combines Pokémon with Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo is without a doubt one of the most popular developers in the industry, that’s why Nintendo mods are quite frequent, especially with Nintendo games. Pokemon. We’ve seen how Digimon has been brought into Sword & Shield, mods that make things random and infinitely more difficult, and even custom maps and storylines. However, converting an entire region to a level of Super Mario Galaxy it’s something new.

That is exactly what RiazorMC has done. The video, titled “Pokémon Diamond In Super Mario Galaxy,” shows Mario starting in Greenleaf Town and making his way through Sinnoh, ending up in the Pokémon League. RiazorMC does not reveal how they have managed to introduce the map in Super Mario Galaxy, but it is impressive to see Mario touring one of the most well-known maps of Pokemon.

Although it seems that Mario cannot enter any of the buildings or caves along the way, he is able to walk all the routes, triple jump around the map and swim in water to get around. There are no NPCs either. Pokemon along the way, prompting some commenters to suggest an alternate title for the video: “A distraught Mario searches for signs of life or civilization.” After reaching the Pokémon League, Mario can even pick up a Staryu, which is a very nice touch.

Unfortunately, RiazorMC doesn’t appear to post any of the mods he creates, instead choosing to showcase them on his channel. There’s also not much info on how RiazorMC adapts the game elements to each other, but they seem to work specifically with Wii games. In any case, it’s an impressive piece of work.

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The video showing the crossover is doing the rounds on TikTok, even though it’s over a year old and its creator, RiazorMC, has made other crossover videos since then, like the combination of Super Mario Galaxy with Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports Resort archery with Minecraft.